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Hello. My name is Adrian, I am an Accounting graduate of Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I attended for 3 years the traineeship organised by The Body of Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romnania, Bucharest subsidiary, Licensed Accountants section. I have payed attention to the continuous professional development as well. The services I offer in the field of Economics can, at this moment, be offered to your company on the basis of an employment contract. So if you are looking for an Economic Director to be incharge totally or partially with the supervising of the activity in the economic department or if you are just looking for an accountant who look after the compliance of operational economical flow, generated by the activities carried-out by your company, it is me I can help you. I can also help you on budgeting, analisys of microeconomics and macroeconomics indicators and cost calculation process. Do not hesitate to contact me, being determined to replace that boring interview who precede the hiring with a free solution to a problem your company faces.


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